Optimize your understanding of a new language

Accelerate your comprehension of a new language through spaced repetition and intelligently prioritized content. For foreign language learners struggling to understand speech. Faster than using TV, movies, and radio.

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Efficient Learning Through Spaced Repetition

Spaced Repetition is a learning technique developed from research on how humans learn. An algorithm determines the optimal interval of time for reviewing previously learned material. This means you review content when your brain is mostly likely to commit it to memory, resulting in higher retention and recall of information.

Content Based on Actual Frequency of Usage

Unlike TV, movies, or radio, the order of content you learn in Komprend is based on the frequency of usage within the target language. You begin with the most commonly used words first and learn progressively more difficult content over time. Eliminate time wasted trying to understand language which is far beyond your current level of fluency.

Immediate "Hear, See, Understand" Feedback Loop

Hear a sentence, see it written, and check your understanding immediately. Unlike watching a film or listening to the radio in a foreign language, you don't need to stop and look up definitions in order to understand the content. Everything you need to boost your understanding of spoken language is contained within the app.