About Komprend

Komprend is a better way to understand a foreign language.

Our aim is to create an intuitive and efficient language learning tool that uses proven methods to boost the learner's understanding of speech in a foreign language. We plan to include as many language and language pair combinations as possible. We started with Spanish and plan to expand to over 20 different languages.

Komprend started in 2017, when founders Kris and Kevin decided that some of the most useful and popular language learning decks in Anki, an open-source spaced repetition flashcard software, would be better suited as their own stand-alone web application. While Anki is well known and regarded as a language learning tool, it is not the most user-friendly or intuitive software out there.

Komprend makes the best language learning ideas and methodologies from Anki available for a broader audience. In addition, we've built Komprend around data that has several layers of validation and is the most accurate data-set we could find. Content in Anki, on the other hand, is user-generated and not necessarily subject to a high level of data validation and scrutiny. As we progress, we will continue to improve and iterate Komprend using user-feedback and testing. The end goal is to have a highly optimized and effective language learning tool which results in faster and more efficient learning for users.